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BCOVRIN to Google Sheets Connector

Install Instructions

  1. Install pipenv from

  2. Run pipenv install requests google-api-python-client

  3. Use this link [] to enable Google Sheets API access and create a new service account key in JSON format. Rename the file 'client_secret.json' and add it to this directory.

  4. Create a new google spreadsheet and find its id which is in the url. If is the url, then 1Uyj6-THbswus2DqYH2kRtlcyiLzL1sjbz9itez6qWAY is the id.

  5. The Google sheet's access permissions must be set to public can edit. You can find these settings under share>advanced.

  6. The spreadsheet must have at least 3 worksheets: Type1, Type101, and Type102.


Use the id above in the following command:

# Make sure you replace this id with your new id
GOOGLE_SHEETS_ID=1Uyj6-THbswus2DqYH2kRtlcyiLzL1sjbz9itez6qWAY pipenv run python
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