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BC Cancer Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre

Sequencing centre for genomics and bioinformatics research. NOTE 01/2019: FTP now closed. Cited data available:

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  1. 🔬 Assemble large genomes using short reads

    C++ 204 86

  2. Create Bloom filters for a given reference and then use it to categorize sequences

    C++ 57 10

  3. 🌈Scaffold genome sequence assemblies using linked read sequencing data

    C++ 54 11

  4. ntHash: recursive nucleotide hashing

    C++ 45 6

  5. Estimating k-mer coverage histogram of genomics data

    C++ 58 4

  6. 🌺 lightweight transcriptome assembly for short reads and nanopore reads

    Java 29 1


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