Open project with one of JetBrains' product.
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JetBrains: Open project

Alfred2 & Alfred3 workflow to easily open your projects with your favorite JetBrains product.


This workflow need one of JetBrains products, and its command line launchers to works:

Example with PhpStorm:

  1. Open PhpStorm
  2. Go to Tools and Create Command-line Launcher jetbrains-alfred-workflow-create-cli
  3. In the popup windows, just click on OK jetbrains-alfred-workflow-create-cli-2


  1. Download workflow from package folder, or here
  2. Double click on downloaded file (JetBrains - Open project.alfredworkflow)

How to use

  • Open Alfred with your usual hotkey
  • Type keyword (example pstorm) followed by your project name jetbrains-projects-secret-light

Default Keywords

  • AppCode: appcode;
  • CLion: clion;
  • IntelliJ Idea: idea;
  • PhpStorm: pstorm (before 2016.3) or phpstorm (2016.3+);
  • PyCharm: charm;
  • RubyMine: mine;
  • WebStorm: wstorm (before 2016.3) or webstorm (2016.3+);
  • Android Studio: studio;

Supported versions

I test with this products/versions:

  • AppCode: v3.3 ;
  • CLion: v1.2 / 2016.x ;
  • IntelliJ Idea CE: v15 / 2016.x ;
  • PhpStorm: v10 / 2016.x ;
  • PyCharm CE: v5 / 2016.x ;
  • RubyMine: v8 / 2016.x ;
  • WebStorm: v11 / 2016.x ;
  • Android Studio: v2.x ;

NB: about PhpStorm, if you need compatibility with older version please use my old workflow: PhpStorm Alfred Workflow NB2: PhpStorm & WebStorm change bin name in 2016.3 #9.


If you change command line tools name/path or if you want to change keyword, you need to update workflow settings:

  1. Go to Workflows and select "JetBrains - Open project" jetbrains-workflow-script-filter
  2. Double click on a box Run script for a JetBrains product (example: PhpStorm)
    • Change value in Keyword field
    • Change bin value Script field: which YOUR_BIN_NAME
    • Save jetbrains-workflow-script-edit

Caskroom Users

After an application upgrade you need to update the Command-line launcher jetbrains-alfred-caskroom




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