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Musical (Guitar) Tuner Python Project created for CST 205 @ CSU Monterey Bay
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Program Instructions:

  1. Open file
  2. Once you open the file, a window will appear and will start to listen to your microphone.
  3. While the audio is being listened too, it will be listening to the frequency of the guitar play.
  4. On the program, you will see “Frequency” and “Sound Input” and some numbers next to them Frequency will be showing you what the frequency of the string is supposed to be Sound input will output the frequency being heard coming from the guitar
  5. If you decide to tune by ear, there are 6 buttons on the bottom of the screen representing the 6 strings that are on a guitar. You click the button representing the string you wish to tune, a tone will sound and you can tune your guitar along with it.
  6. If you decide to tune your guitar to a different tones, then click the button in the middle to reveal a dropdown menu with different tone options.
  7. Click the tone option you’d like, and the buttons will change accordingly.
  8. Tune to your hearts content.

Future Work:

We plan on adding a feature that will be able to change the octave of the sound that you wish to play. We also wanted to make the gui much more user friendly, and prettier since we used kivy to make it. We know it could look better and should.

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