Final Project for CS 3200 Database Design, Summer 1 2017
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DBMS for Lonely Planet's Top 500 Ultimate Travel Destinations

By Brittany Chiang (bchiang7) & Isabel Tripp (tahitihat)

Step 1: Prerequisites

Python 2.7.13

(unfortunately mysql-connector is not backwards compatible with 3.6)

If you already have python 3.6.* installed on your computer, it's probably easiest to download virtualenv or pyenv to manage python versions.

Step 2: Required Python Modules

flask: pip install flask

pymysql: pip install pymysql

mysql-connector: pip install mysql-connector

Step 3: Import the schema

Download the project SQL file and open it in MySQL Workbench. Execute the file and ensure top500Info database has been created.

Step 4: Import Database Dump

Download the database dump SQL file and import the data from the self-contained file in MySQL Workbench via the Server menu dropdown.

Server > Data Import

Make sure that the Default Target Schema is top500Info

Once the import has completed, the tables in top500Info should contain tuples.

Note: Database dump file contains stored procedures as well as the create schema and data.

Step 5: Running the project

Once you have cloned this repository and navigated to the directory in your terminal, simply run


Enter your MySQL username and password, and then navigate to localhost:5000 in your browser.

UML Diagram

Flow Chart