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Terraform module for Spoke
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You will need Claudia.js to package Spoke:

$ npm install -g claudia

You will also need Terraform to provision AWS resources. See their download page.

Deploying Spoke


Copy and edit the example configuration variable declaration file:

$ cp ./terraform.tfvars.example ./terraform.tfvars
$ vi ./terraform.tfvars

For most installations, this will be enough. For the complete list of configuration options, however, see

Initialize Terraform

$ terraform init

Run the build script

This will compile and package the Spoke server- and client-side applications and provide you with the appropriate terraform apply command to run.

$ ./bin/build --path ../Spoke \
      --domain \
      --bucket \
      --region us-east-1

Note: You must supply the same values for the domain, bucket name, and AWS region that you provided in the Terraform configuration file above.

For complete usage of the build script, see:

$ ./bin/build --help
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