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An application that demonstrates the capabilities of the Nodetron library, combined with AngularJS.

See a deployed version at

A tool that connects people who need help with a specific topic or issue with tagged experts. Great for groups, organizations, companies, and communities.

Based on the StandHub hackathon project.

##Getting Started

  1. Run npm install && bower install in the project root.

    • You will need to re-run this command whenever you pull in upstream changes that alter the dependencies.
  2. If this repo is a submodule inside the demo subdirectory of the Nodetron project, run grunt copy:parent to copy the Nodetron script file(s) into the app/components/nodetron/dist directory. This allows for more rapid development (instead of having to publish constantly to bower).

  3. Run grunt watch:parent to have app/components/nodetron/dist automatically update as you change the Nodetron (parent project) scripts.

###Deployment Instructions (Client)

First, run grunt build to create a distribution version of the app in the dist folder.

GitHub Pages

  • ./ and then ./ to deploy to
    • You will need to enter your GitHub credentials.

###Deployment Instructions (Server)


  1. Install the jitsu package using npm install -g jitsu
  • supply any necessary credentials.
  1. Login using jitsu login
  2. Deploy using jitsu deploy.
  3. Current domain: at port:80.