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Added having() fix to changelog.

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1 parent 40b28e9 commit 32ad584b25b6429b2e4ce2f38177e88a12f2b117 Adam Jackett committed with Phil Sturgeon Jul 23, 2011
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1 user_guide/changelog.html
@@ -88,6 +88,7 @@
<li class="reactor">Added <kbd>$this->db->set_dbprefix()</kbd> to the <a href="database/queries.html">Database Driver</a>.</li>
<li class="reactor">Changed <kbd>$this->cart->insert()</kbd> in the <a href="libraries/cart.html">Cart Library</a> to return the Row ID if a single item was inserted successfully.</li>
<li class="reactor">Added <kbd>$this->load->get_var()</kbd> to the <a href="libraries/loader.html">Loader library</a> to retrieve global vars set with <kbd>$this->load->view()</kbd> and <kbd>$this->load->vars()</kbd>.</li>
+ <li>Changed <kbd>$this->db->having()</kbd> to insert quotes using escape() rather than escape_str().</li>

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