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session table suggestion #1128

quasiperfect opened this Issue · 2 comments

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maybe we should name the fields to something more ci related like ci_session_id,ci_ip_address,ci_user_agent,ci_last_activity,ci_user_data
or something to avoid collision

i spent about 3 hours debuging a problem related to this thing just because i had a array that i was sending to the session and one of the keys was last_activity


Beng able to specify the table field name in the config would be better than making everyone else change their session table field names only because you had an issue. Make a pull request. It's easy enough to make this change.


you don't understand the problem wasn't the table name but the column name last_activity with is something very usual to use in tables

and it was just a suggestion i won't impose something to anyone

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