Output cache library does not support configured language. #137

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Enable output cache ( $this->output->cache(1); ) in controller.
2. Change language in config.php
3. Refresh the page.

Refreshed page does not contains selected language.

Excepted result:
Refreshed page contains selected language.


Change file: Output.php
Line: 400



$uri = $CFG->item('base_url').
$URI->uri_string .

and line: 358



$uri = $CI->config->item('base_url').
$CI->uri->uri_string() .



If anybody is changing their configuration, then surely they can also delete the cache files while doing it. Trying to detect such changes dynamically isn't justified.

@narfbg narfbg closed this Jan 8, 2014
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