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Upload class prefixes dots in file name with underscore #1380

wesley-murch opened this Issue · 8 comments

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I just discovered that if you use a dot in the file name in your config using the Upload class, it converts all but the first dot to UnderscoreDot. I have to rename manually if I want more than one dot in the file name.

$config['file_name'] = '';

Creates/renames the file to:


Probably something to do with the feature that allows the file extension to be missing in $config['file_name'], which uses the uploaded file's extension.

Tested with CI 2.1.0


This is a security feature related to the potential vulnerability discussed here:

Maybe it would be cleaner if the dots inside the filename are removed completely?


I see, it's an edge case but could be relevant, and CI always errs on the side of caution rather than let developers shoot themselves in the foot. This is only relevant when the developer is specifying a file name, but that specified name could itself contain unknown characters (user input, etc.)...

Something like $config['convert_dots'] // TRUE by default could give the ability to opt-out if you're confident and know what you're doing, but again - I don't think it necessarily fits into the CI security-first model.

Some background on my case: I had to convert uploads to an existing file name convention that included dots to separate time intervals, like 2012.05.22_13.20.55.PDF.

If the only question is what to replace the dots with, I would say just use dash or underscore - not _.. Note that the first dot is not suffixed. If the replacement was underscore, I would expect this:

$config['file_name'] = '';

To create this file name:


...and not this one:


Same applies if the dots were just removed, the segment to the right should be the file extension.


It makes perfectly sense to me. If it's ok for lead developers I can modify this behaviour.


Looking at the code that adds the underscores, I do find something rather illogical:

            if ( ! in_array(strtolower($part), $this->allowed_types) OR $this->mimes_types(strtolower($part)) === FALSE)
                    $filename .= '.'.$part.'_';
                    $filename .= '.'.$part;

Why would an underscore be added when the chunk being checked is not a valid (and of course known) MIME type? That edge case should be expected in the exactly opposite condition. @derekjones @wesbaker


I was just about to explain that I was referring to the check itself, but a second look at it convinces me that it's done right - sorry.

So, you guys want a configurable replacement?

@palicao palicao referenced this issue from a commit
@palicao palicao Changed strange _prep_filename() behaviour of Upload library
Added $config['convert_dots'] parameter in configuration. Allows you to
decide if you want to replace all the dots, except the last one, in an
uploaded file name with underscores or leave it unchanged.
Fixes issue #1380.

Might be worth auto-detecting if we're running under Apache, using in_array('mod_mime', apache_get_modules()) and/or parsing the Apache mods-enabled/mime.conf values and checking if the value that we're prefixing with an underscore is a valid type.

@narfbg narfbg closed this
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