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Email class sometimes breaks multibyte subject #1498

takyana opened this Issue · 3 comments

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The subject function of Email class sometimes breaks multibyte subject by splitting it at middle of a single multibyte character.

To regenerate this issue, placing the following code in the controller folder (file encoding should be UTF-8).

class Emailtest extends CI_Controller {
    public function index()

Then access to it and you will see the following result.

array(1) { ["Subject"]=> string(134) "=?utf-8?Q?=e3=81=93=e3=82=8c=e3=81=af=e6=97=a5=e6=9c=ac=e8=aa=9e=e3=81?= =?utf-8?Q?=ae=e3=83=86=e3=82=b9=e3=83=88=e3=81=a7=e3=81=99?=" } 

3 bytes "=e3=81=ae" around the second "=?utf-8?Q?" string, should not be splitted since these 3 byte combination means a single Japanese character.

As long as I tested, Thunderbird and Apple Mail fail to display this encoded subject.

The easiest fix is to use mb_encode_mimeheader function instead of _prep_q_encoding.
According to the PHP manual, mb_encode_mimeheader folds the line into 74 characters.


See #1409.

@narfbg narfbg closed this

Before posting this issue, I read #1409.
#1409 seems different case, which is about how to correctly encode single line subject.


The "fix" might not be the same, but otherwise it's no different.

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