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Active Record with MSSQL join clause not maintaining field name escapes #1649

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Using CI v.1.72

$this->db->select('[Key Field], MemberInfo.OtherField');
$this->db->join('MemberInfo', '[Member Number] = Member_Number', 'left');
$this->db->where('[Member Number]  = 573');
$this->db->where('[Incident Date] BETWEEN '. $DateStart . ' AND ' . $DateEnd);

yields the following Query:

SELECT  TOP 10 [Key Field], MemberInfo.OtherField
FROM primaryTable
LEFT JOIN MemberInfo ON Member Number] = Member_Number
WHERE [Member Number] = '573'
AND [Incident Date] BETWEEN 2012-01-01 AND 2012-07-19

Note the Join Clause Field name is not fully escaped in the resulting query.


While version 1.72 is indeed outdated and I should suggest that you upgrade, I don't think that identifiers containing spaces were ever supported.


Issue is also present in v2.1.2

The problem is specific to the JOIN function in DB_active_rec.php (other functions support MSSQL escaped field names correctly.

The patch below will fix the issue:

--- a/CodeIgniter/v2.1.2/database/DB_active_rec.php
+++ b/CodeIgniter/v2.1.2/database/DB_active_rec.php
@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ class CI_DB_active_record extends CI_DB_driver {

                // Strip apart the condition and protect the identifiers
-               if (preg_match('/([\w\.]+)([\W\s]+)(.+)/', $cond, $match))
+               if (preg_match('/([\[\w\.]+)([\W\s]+)(.+)/', $cond, $match))
                        $match[1] = $this->_protect_identifiers($match[1]);
                        $match[3] = $this->_protect_identifiers($match[3]);
@jim-parry jim-parry added the Bug label
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