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Created a repo with german translations #1838

MetalMatze opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I've just created a repo with german translations for CodeIgniter.
This is built upon:

Because there are a few lines missing I added them. For example 'show' & 'hide' on the profiler_lang.php...

I don't know where to submit this, but I'd like to contribute.


I'd usually tell you that you need to fork the repo, make your additions and submit a pull request, but I'm not sure if we would be able to support German after your initial contribution.

@derekjones ?


I have added my repo to this list, as german translation:


Correct, @narfbg, since we don't have any translators on staff to ensure accuracy, the official repo only supports English. @MetalMatze thanks for taking the time to do this, and for adding it to the language translation page, I'm sure many German speaking users will appreciate it.

@derekjones derekjones closed this
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