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DBForge add_column error. #1845

sjlu opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Get the following error using DBForge in migrations.

Using CI 2.1.2, Postgres 9.1.6

        $field = array(
            'read' => array(
                'type' => 'INT',
                'constraint' => 1,
                'unsigned' => TRUE,
                'default' => 0

        $this->dbforge->add_column('notifications', $fields);
ERROR: syntax error at or near "Array" LINE 1: ALTER TABLE "notifications" ADD Array NOT NULL ^
ALTER TABLE "notifications" ADD Array NOT NULL

I may be wrongly assuming here, please forgive me if I am!
In your above code your using $field as your array name, in the call your giving it $fields.

I'm guessing this might be a typo on your behalf in the issue, or is your source code identical?


Yeah, you're probably right that I had the typo. But I find it quite strange that it outputted an Array instead of NULL. I also swear that I saw MySQL put this row in on my environment. I'll test and come back.


Fully agree, I'll have a good look into it this evening. It should return false, or fail out in my opinion if such a thing happens!

Any other input on what the error outcome should be guys?



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