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Form-Validation in multidimenisional input-array is always "required" #1850

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Form-Validation in multidimenisional input-array is always "required"

In a input-form, I used a multidimensional array like:

<input name="links[1][name]" .. />
<input name="links[1][url]" .. />

<input name="links[2][name]" .. />
<input name="links[2][url]" .. />

<input name="links[3][name]" .. />
<input name="links[3][url]" .. />

Validation-Rules are:

$this->form_validation->set_rules('links['.$i.'][name]', 'Link '.$i.' Name', 'trim|min_length[5]|xss_clean');
$this->form_validation->set_rules('links['.$i.'][url]', 'Link '.$i.' URL', 'trim|min_length[10]|valid_url');

where $i is a counter 1, 2, ....

Here Form-Validation always sets an error "Field required" also I haven't set the required-rule. If the input-array has just one element links[1][] Validation works perfect. Adding one or more element links[2][] the fields are all requried.

In file /system/libraries/Form_validation.php in line 488 function _execute() I changed an is_null()-test to an empty()-test. Now it works like expected.

//if ( ! in_array('required', $rules) AND is_null($postdata)) ====>>> changed to:
if ( ! in_array('required', $rules) && empty($postdata))

I'm trying to test this, but did you add a valid_url() method somewhere?
I see no valid_url method anywhere, so it will never validate to true,
strange enough, the language file does have a reference to it.


Fixed here: 2d48b4f

... although as @GDmac already noted - there's currently no valid_url rule.

@narfbg narfbg closed this
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