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Reverse routing #218

philsturgeon opened this Issue · 8 comments

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There's is an existing pull request that supports reverse routing and matches parenthesis.


Where is this reverse routing request? What happened to it? I would really like to have that. The only one I found online that looks promising is this one


Hey @philsturgeon, I know you're off CI now and all, but do you by any chance remember which PR you had in mind here? Could it be #411?

Edit: Referencing issue #1293


I believe so, it looks familiar. There was some code kicking around on BitBucket at one point which was even more complete if I remember rightly. No idea where though, so that is useless information.


@narfbg Where does this stand?


Its really needed....... When it will complete ?


Is this issue still outstanding/open?



If you're going through issues marked for the 3.0 milestone - don't, they're not blockers. And bumping won't resolve them. Although "open" could mean a lot of things - it's not closed, so ... sure, it's open.


@narfbg I see. I wasn't trying to resolve them merely by bumping, but rather to get an idea on where energy should be focused to unblock 3.0

@narfbg narfbg modified the milestone: v3.0.x
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