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Active Record breaking subqueries within JOINs - needs optional field/table protection #590

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I'm currently trying to run a subquery within a JOIN but $this->db->join() keeps breaking the query - it seems it is trying to protect field/table names. It ends up adding backticks to SELECTs in the subquery. It'd be nice if AR would support subqueries or if I could tell it to not protect fields by passing an additional parameter.


In this query for example, AR adds back ticks to the SELECT present within the join - which of course breaks the query

  , i.thumbnail
    products AS p
    images AS i
      ON i.image_id =
         ( SELECT image_id
           FROM products_images AS pi
           WHERE pi.product_id = p.product_id
           ORDER BY `order` ASC                      --- or DESC
           LIMIT 1

I'm not too familiar with github -- could someone please make a request to include a fourth parameter that skips the _protect_identifiers() of $cond? Link to lines That way, I believe, we could do a bit more complex joins while still enjoying the benefits of AR.


Similar bug report here: #610

@narfbg narfbg closed this
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