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when post (or get) data isn't exists

the method $this->input->post will return FALSE,

when we insert data to database, it will be convert to 0

but we expect insert data to database the value is empty or NULL

so this function _fetch_from_array could return empty value or NULL

Put this in your /application/core/

File: MY_Input.php :


class MY_Input extends CI_Input
        function __construct()

        function post($key, $xss_clean = FALSE)
                $post = parent::post($key, $xss_clean);
                return ($post !== FALSE) ? $post : NULL;

It will now return NULL if it would normally return FALSE.

Thanks flashover:

I know that...

I think put that in core library is better than extend it..

when we get data from url or form, var type always be [string]

if this function returns two type, sometimes it will make programer confuse

ski1204 commented Apr 24, 2012

I would like to see that core change as a standard when installing CodeIgnitor. This is why:

If for some reason our post data doesn't exist, and we don't check for the post to be TRUE.
AND we will be using that data (FALSE or 0) in a table for the WHERE clause, it will update all records with whatever change you set.

Here is an example:

$old_email = $this->input->post('jibberish',true);
$new_email = ""; //usually another post

$this->write_db->where('users_email', $old_email)->update('USERS_USERS', array(
'users_email' => $new_email,

UPDATE USERS_USERS SET users_email = '' WHERE users_email = 0
(this updates every users' email address with "")

If you apply that change, this is what the query will look like:
UPDATE USERS_USERS SET users_email = '' WHERE users_email = NULL
(this does nothing)


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