User Guide Security class missing get_csrf_token_name(), get_csrf_hash() #715

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tomcode commented Nov 28, 2011

The methods get_csrf_hash() and get_csrf_token_name() of the Security class are not documented in the User Guide, neither in the current version (2.1) nor here in the develop branch.

Hi - just looked through the user guide and the source and these functions are not documented, nor are several others from the security class - however they are all internal functions. Do you use these two for your own processing? As I see it, they don't need documentation in the user guide since they are not used other than by the security class itself?

Let me know - I'll update and send a pull request if you have a case for users to access them directly.


tomcode commented Jan 31, 2012

No, currently I do not use them. The project was abandoned. I was evaluating how to secure Ajax requests when I stumbled over them, they are used in the form_helper open_form() method. It looks like they could be useful for these cases.

OK no worries - thanks for getting back; I'll leave the user guide as is. No need to over complicate it!


alexbilbie commented Mar 12, 2012

If you aren't using form_open() to echo out the CSRF token and want to implement your own solution for whatever reason - e.g. check it in an AJAX request or something, then the necessary functions aren't documented.

I'll submit a patch with updated documentation.


tomcode commented Mar 12, 2012

Cool, thanks.

Lechus commented May 29, 2012

Did you submited the patch to update documentation?


narfbg commented Oct 24, 2012


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@nonchip nonchip pushed a commit to nonchip/CodeIgniter that referenced this issue Jun 29, 2013

@narfbg narfbg [ci skip] Document get_csrf_token_name(), get_csrf_hash() (issue #715) ac06372
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