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.tgz and MD5 distribution #991

fsoppelsa opened this Issue · 11 comments

6 participants

Fabrizio Soppelsa Andrey Andreev Phil Sturgeon Derek Jones Joe Cory Kennedy-Darby
Fabrizio Soppelsa

I think you should distribute the package of project also in .tgz and add the relate MD5 to zipped files.

Andrey Andreev

+1 for tarballs!

Phil Sturgeon

@derekjones is this possible?

Derek Jones

Yes, we should actually start a discussion on build and delivery in general for 3.0 and forward.


Very good idea. So this way there's no mysterious backdoors.

Phil Sturgeon

@SuperSpyTX: Mysterious backdoors? Not sure what you mean there.


  1. Build Sphinx
  2. zip and tar
  3. MD5 and shove them on the download page
  4. Maybe run phpDocumentor 2.0, it's looking pretty good:

Could even consider using a little AWS CloudFront to make downloads super-quick from a CDN?

Derek Jones

We've got Akamai services for CDN, so yes. I mean an internal discussion on that though, Phil, so we can determine where that should take place and whose the responsible party for which steps.

Phil Sturgeon

Sorry! :)

Cory Kennedy-Darby

@derekjones Where does this stand?

Derek Jones

We will likely post checksums along with zip files, but I don't know that we'll distribute in any other archival formats.

Cory Kennedy-Darby

As long as it is moving along I am happy

Andrey Andreev

Tarballs are available for download via GitHub releases since v.2.0.3. That link exists in the new user guide and the above commit adds MD5 checksums for all released versions, so this one is complete.

Andrey Andreev narfbg closed this
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