Organize your controllers into various levels sub-folders #1132

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Organize controllers into many levels of subfolders


  • panel/entries/students/list.php
  • panel/entries/students/view.php
moura137 added some commits Mar 5, 2012
@moura137 moura137 Organize your controllers into various levels sub-folders cd7e723
@moura137 moura137 Merge branch 'develop' of git:// into …

* 'develop' of git:// (31 commits)
  Allow arrays to be used for enum/set constraint. This was working in MySQL but not MySQLi.
  Bumped CodeIgniter's PHP requirement to 5.2.4. Yes I know PHP 5.4 just came out, and yes I know PHP 5.3 has lovely features, but there are plenty of corporate systems running on CodeIgniter and PHP 5.3 still is not widely supported enough. CodeIgniter is great for distributed applications, and this is the highest we can reasonably go without breaking support. PHP 5.3 will most likely happen in another year or so. Fingers crossed on that one anyway...
  Fix documentation entry for the decimal form validation rule (issue #1149)
  Fix issue #940
  Fix issue #501
  fix + style fix
  userguide fix
  comment fix
  removed is_method
  added method() and is_method()
  Update the example on extending libraries with a constructor
  Move dsn property from the PDO to CI_DB_driver so other DB drivers can use it without declaring it
  Just some comment fixes and cleared spaces
  Property visibility declarations for CI_DB_driver
  Resolve _protect_identifiers()/protect_identifiers() usage issues
  Made _protect_identifiers public
  Made protect_identifiers public
  Added visibility keywords to DB_driver methods
  Changed rewrite_short_tags to have no effect on PHP 5.4
@moura137 moura137 Merge branch 'develop' of git:// into …

* 'develop' of git:// (944 commits)
  Revert default config value of db pconnect to TRUE (issue #793)
  Updated pagination library documentation with prefix and suffix
  Fix issue #1533
  Fix issues #1529 & #1530
  Change where() to skip dbprefix (until a better solution is available)
  Fix Interbase _field_data() method
  Some fixes to the SQLSRV and MSSQL drivers
  Some changes to the OCI8 (Oracle) driver
  Use the VIEWPATH constant, instead of assuming the user hasn't moved them
  Add a default _limit() method to the Query Builder class
  Minor changes to the MySQL and MySQLi drivers
  Add _where() changes from pull #1517 to the PostgreSQL driver
  If there is no output then no need to try minifying it
  Added ['reuse_query_string'] to Pagination. This allows automatic repopulation of query string arguments, combined with normal URI segments.
  Clarified support of $config['csrf_exclude_uris'] support in v3.0 (#236)
  Added optional fourth parameter to timezone_menu
  fixed query grouping when using where($array) syntax
  Replaced block tag minification regex with a less greedy solution.
  Fix issue #79
  Fix issue #1510
@moura137 moura137 Merge branch 'develop' of git:// into …

* 'develop' of git:// (152 commits)
  Enable travis for feature/* branches
  Improve the solution for issue #1631
  Updated .htaccess files with Apache 2.4+ safe deny statements. Fixes #1631
  Fix on _update_batch() : wrong variable used for field selection
  Inconsistency between log_message and show_error when encountering a non-existant class
  Changed TRUE and FALSE values to be uppercase
  Changed double quotes to single quotes to meet style guidelines
  Fix in index.php inline documentation
  Some adjustments in inline documentation
  Loader::model() - rename foreach ($model AS $single_model) to ($model AS $class). Consistent with ::library() and ::_ci_load_class()
  Add a changelog entry for issue #1605 (pull #1606) and remove some spaces
  fix issue #1605 covert page number type from float to int
  Rename $babe => $single_model, in foreach ($model AS $babe) {...}
  escape_identifiers() to not escape string literals inside double quotes as well
  Fix issue #1613
  Added data-ci-pagination-page="x" to pagination output so JS frameworks can hook on.
  Update develop
  Update develop
  Fix some spaces here
  again... new lines
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