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Good, but can you add a changelog entry for it?


@narfbg Is there a good page to explain how/what the :doc: formatting is or how I should be using it?


@ckdarby Would you mind to update the corresponding test case, to cover this change?


@toopay I'll look at that tonight :)


@ckdarby I'd be surprised if it isn't explained on the Sphinx site somewhere, but it basically goes like this:

:doc:`Random text you like to put here <path/to/other/doc/file/without/rst/extension>`

On #1212 - it is a bug that it does convert them, not that the docs say it doesn't. Please exclude that from this pull request as it doesn't fit in its scope.

And on the rest - it is good that you've updated the docs (thanks), but that's not what I meant by adding a changelog entry. You must add a short description of the changes made in user_guide_src/source/changelog.rst. You'll see plenty of examples in there if this is your first time doing it. :)


I updated the commit range of the pull by mistake; I know about the changelog & the doc update was a different issue altogether.

I'll back track this pull just for the original and make two other pull requests for:
For #1212, #1340



Okay, just making sure everything is good. Thanks. :)


Closing to clean up; See New Pull Request

@ckdarby ckdarby closed this Jun 6, 2012
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