Added extra info to form helper docs for set_value() #1878

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6 user_guide_src/source/helpers/form_helper.rst
@@ -500,6 +500,10 @@ form. Example
The above form will show "0" when loaded for the first time.
+.. note:: In order for the POST data to be available to this function, the form variable
+ must first be validated with the Form Validation Class. If this is not done, the
+ default value will always be returned.
@@ -546,4 +550,4 @@ This function is identical to the **set_checkbox()** function above.
.. note:: If you are using the Form Validation class, you must always specify a rule for your field,
even if empty, in order for the set_*() functions to work. This is because if a Form Validation object
is defined, the control for set_*() is handed over to a method of the class instead of the generic helper
- function.
+ function.