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jamiefdhurst and others added some commits May 24, 2012
@jamiefdhurst jamiefdhurst Adding width and height to list of clear variables to fix #1059 da981e4
@jamiefdhurst jamiefdhurst Updating change log relating to #1059. c631a43
Phil Sturgeon Merge pull request #1389 from jamiefdhurst/2.1-stable
Adding width and height to list of clear variables to fix #1059
@narfbg narfbg Fix issue #1387 bc602d8
Phil Sturgeon Stop travis trying to run unit tests on 2.1-stable. 10a4724
Phil Sturgeon Merge branch '2.1-stable' of into 2.1…
@narfbg narfbg Fix an erroneus method name 9b65540
Phil Sturgeon Driver_Library had $lib_name set as static, and used non-static da33cb5
Phil Sturgeon Merge branch '2.1-stable' of into 2.1…
@pkriete pkriete Adding IPv6 support to the Input and Form_validation libraries. 0a14913
@pkriete pkriete Documenting IPv6 changes and adding update notes. 45927d8
@narfbg narfbg Fixed valid_ip() for PHP < 5.2 7281159
@narfbg narfbg Revert a change cef5bda
Phil Sturgeon Fixed conflicts
Why were there conflicts merging into master?
@derekjones derekjones Updating version number and release date for 2.1.1 ac5a0f2
@derekjones derekjones Updated downloads page in docs to increment versions d5e39de
@narfbg narfbg Revert from() alias escaping fix - it was breaking more stuff b550509
Phil Sturgeon Fixed conflicts between git flow 2.1.1 and non-flow 2.1.1 0eebc80
@narfbg narfbg Switch strstr() arguments 9edcacd
@narfbg narfbg Revert a preg_replace() ea6cbe0
@wesbaker wesbaker Updating XSS cleaning to better handle base64 encoded attributes.
@wesbaker wesbaker Bumping version number to 2.1.2. c955acf
@narfbg narfbg Fix issue #1543 bd0b4b3
@narfbg narfbg Backport CI_Config::load() optimization from pull #1571 a8126b1
@narfbg narfbg Alter CI_DB_pdo_result::num_rows() 31380e8
@narfbg narfbg Backport fix for issue #1314 aa6868d

For some reason when I download the 2.1 stable, this file shows that the license has been changed, and there are a lot of other changes that may not be intended for 2.1.X.


Which file?



I don't see any difference in the license of Session.php compared to other libraries.

narfbg and others added some commits Jul 24, 2012
@narfbg narfbg Change is_loaded() to return a reference 7af48d0
@Dentxinho Dentxinho Fix warning by profiler when userdata has objects
If session data has objects and profiler is enabled, a warning is trown:

> A PHP Error was encountered
> Severity: Warning
> Message: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given
> Filename: libraries/Profiler.php
> Line Number: 514
@alexbilbie alexbilbie Merge pull request #1675 from Dentxinho/patch-1
Fix warning by profiler when userdata has objects
@narfbg narfbg Style fix and changelog entry for pull #1675 894b743
@narfbg narfbg Backport a fix for oci8_result::num_rows() da4f9e1
@narfbg narfbg Backport fix for issue #1699 7ad7297
@narfbg narfbg Fix issues #227 and #907 b0fe0a9
@narfbg narfbg Backport security fixes 481e426
@narfbg narfbg Bump version number to 2.1.3 05b3877
@narfbg narfbg Fix issue #1715 8f84360
it-can commented on 8f84360 Oct 8, 2012

Uuhm, the commit is not showing up when I fetch it... ?


The commit is on 2.1-stable, you're most likely fetching from develop where it will be manually applied later.


oooooww... you're right...


should this not be: ! $this->is_cli_request() ?


Right ... better go get some coffee. :)
Thanks about this one, commited the fix.

narfbg commented Dec 15, 2012

Erm ... this comment is valid vice-versa.

@narfbg narfbg closed this Dec 15, 2012

this commit does nothing!!!!!! only added empty spaces removals, whta suppost to do here?


Thanks, this correct the "Array to string conversion" error

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