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Fix #178: Check if the file (directory) exists before deleting in Cache_file.php #239

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Question is should we return FALSE or TRUE is the directory does not exist? My suggestion is FALSE, as the operation was not performed.


My damn tabs are messed up in Emacs. There should be a tabify on one of the pre-hooks.


This needs to match our coding standards before it can be merged.


Maybe default should be NULL? If nothing happens then a "meh" response seems reasonable?


Well, unlink() returns TRUE for success and FALSE for failure, wouldn't it be better to stick to that expected value? I'll change it if you want :).


-1. Just add @ on unlink if you want to get rid of the warning.


Isn't it better to avoid suppressing errors/warnings and instead attempt to prevent them in the first place?

May I suggest using the is_readable() function in place of the file_exists() function, as it also checks to see if you have permission to touch the file in question?


Agreed with everything @refringe said. I too was going to suggest is_readable() as it checks both cases.


Isn't it better to avoid suppressing errors/warnings and instead attempt to prevent them in the first place?

Usually, but I don't see why you would want to in this case. There is no conditional you need to perform. You are simply returning a boolean indicating whether the file was deleted or not. Why add an additional check unless you are going to return a separate value indicating that the file doesn't exist?


I completely understand what you mean @freewil; in either case it would still return the same value. However, I've always believed it to be best practice to prevent warnings when you can, and only use the suppression method in a pinch.

Every time I write @ in PHP I feel dirty on the inside.


@refringe lol, it's only dirty if you do it to cover up your lack of error handling. In this case there is no error to handle, the intended operation is done, we don't care about the warning.


True—You've got me there. Made me think though, should we throw an error if the file doesn't exist or we don't have permissions?

 log_message('error', 'Unable to delete file "' . $this->_cache_path . $id . '" - File not found.');

Has been fixed in a3a8b61 (2011-09-16)

Changelog entry added in 255a5c1 (maybe could be improved: not an error but a warning)

@narfbg narfbg closed this
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Commits on Aug 21, 2011
  1. @johnbellone

    Adding file_exists

    johnbellone authored
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    Fixing style

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Commits on Aug 22, 2011
  1. @johnbellone
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5 system/libraries/Cache/drivers/Cache_file.php
@@ -107,6 +107,11 @@ public function save($id, $data, $ttl = 60)
public function delete($id)
+ if ( ! file_exists($this->_cache_path.$id))
+ {
+ return FALSE;
+ }
return unlink($this->_cache_path.$id);
1  user_guide/changelog.html
@@ -108,6 +108,7 @@
<li class="reactor">Fixed a bug where not setting 'null' when adding fields in db_forge for mysql and mysqli drivers would default to NULL instead of NOT NULL as the docs suggest.</li>
<li class="reactor">Fixed a bug where using <kbd>$this->db->select_max()</kdb>, <kbd>$this->db->select_min()</kdb>, etc could throw notices. Thanks to w43l for the patch.</li>
<li class="reactor">Replace checks for STDIN with php_sapi_name() == 'cli' which on the whole is more reliable. This should get parameters in crontab working.</li>
+ <li class="reactor">Fixed issue #178: Checking if file exists before performing unlink() operation to get rid of warning message.</li>
<h2>Version 2.0.2</h2>
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