Applications Using Code Igniter

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Projects using CodeIgniter 3 (source code available)

Bonfire Kickstart your web apps with this powerful, flexible app framework built on top of CI 2. Provides auth, user management, admin area, email queue, system events, modules, HMVC, database backup, migrations, and more.

GroceryCRUD Create a full stable CRUD in just 30 seconds. grocery CRUD is a library that makes a developer's life easier. Just few lines of code and you can create a full stable CRUD with nice views. A totally automatic system that even a newbie in PHP can work with.

Projects using Legacy or unknown version of CodeIgniter

Egypt CMS An easy to use base for designers with a default auth system, database and more.

Warehouse Warehouse is free for non commercial use PHP software based on CodeIgniter 2.2 that allows you to manage warehouse. Project covers users managments, products and list managment, flow of products, reports, search engine and easy backups.

Classroombookings Room booking system for schools.

Ionize CMS Ionize is a Content Management System base on CodeIgniter. Easy, powerful and modular, Ionize is build by webdesigners for webdesigners. Demo of Ionize

68 Knowledge Base 68KB is a knowledge base script. It was built with the site owner in mind and to be as simple to work with as possible.

Linkster, PHP Link Directory Growing out of a need for simple categorical organization, Linkster aims to be the simple solution. Specifically built for link directories, such as a collection of your business partners. Demo available here.

MaxSite CMS WordPress-like blog CMS. In heavy development. Documentation is in Russian only for now. Planet CI Planet CI is a Feed/RSS agregator reader using PHP. Its similar to planetplanet but its on perl langguage. Planet CI using codeigniter and simple pie. you can se the demo at

FUEL CMS An easy, flexible, empowering Content Management System for rapid development that transforms your CodeIgniter projects into client manageable brilliance.

CODEFIGHT CMS Simple multiple website manager.

Crono Time Tracker is an open source time tracking application written in Codeigniter (APIs side) and Bootstrap / jQuery (frontend side)

Bitlanders BitLanders is a social media site that pays its users in Bitcoin. It's written with Codeigniter, Angular.js, MySQL and MongoDB. It has ~350000 users, you can redeem amazon cards or paypal credit, has customizable svg avatars and a good community.

PHP Code Generator The PHP Code generator also called PCG generates complete Codeigniter website with many features such as role based user access, user management, rich text editor and more. The instant demo for the generated website before downloading. The generator itself powered by the great Codeigniter framework.

PliantCMS Themeable, dynamic, seo optimized CMS for codeigniter designers, content manager and seo specialist.

Motortopia. A motor enthusiast social networking site focused on peoples passion for motor vehicles. Site features Web 2.0 interface, cross-browser compatability, degradability, accessability and web standards compliance.

###Projects Claiming to Use CodeIgniter

EscroWizard Escrow and Title Insurance quote issuing system, intended for small to medium sized escrow companies and title companies.

TimeCamp Automatic time-tracking software, that tracks projects, websites and applications usage, users' productivity and helps understand how the time is spend.

Visikid Parental control application. Visikid is taking the educative role in regards to your child’s safety on the internet.

Narien Teas Online Tea Store built with CI. Site features shopping cart, blog, reward points, coupon system, affiliate and referrals, ebay integration, keyword tracking, mailing list, pdf invoices, product label creation, etc.

Wittygraphy is a social network dedicated to caricaturists and caricature lovers. It's a place to share, discuss, and promote the art of caricature. Caricaturists get free webspace to build their homepage, get listed in our directory, publish their portfolios to promote their artwork. In addition Wittygraphy is also a marketplace helping artists to sell their services.

BlogFrog blog aggegate service - website built entirely with CI, collects best gift ideas from Polish e-shops ('to dla ciebie' means 'this is for you'). - Chinese herbs and medicine site built in CI. Has product ordering and full account access. - Portfolio for the photographer, built in CI and using jquery for some effects.

FreeStuffWave A community freebie site built using the latest released CI version. - Dutch website listing creative courses. Also uses Jquery and a google maps api class. - An aggregator and hub for podcasts - UK focused. Generates aggregated RSS feeds for serialised content and a unique custom keyword RSS creator (FeedMe!).

BadgeTracker - A web app, built using CI, that handles activity registration and camp management for summer camps.

More Chevrolet. Auto dealer site build completely with Code Igniter, with full administrative and CMS.

Random Text Generator An online tool for generating random text to use in web pages designs, site templates and typography demos. Plain text or HTML output.

Lanka Matters Lanka matters is a real estate completely free website offers to deal with property dealings in Sri Lanka.

AthensMenu A website with reviews about restaurants in Athens, Greece.

Ajebnew A website that manages, aggregates and ranks news, blogs and other contents written about Ethiopia based on "Ajeb Rank". "Ajeb" means something out of ordinary and strange. Hence the site ranks contents with the help of user's vote and online trends to determine the "Ajebnew" articles.

Homesync A social media dashboard which allows users to post to all their social networks. Homesync aggregates content from websites, RSS feeds, and public social media feeds to provide to its customers. Available as a website, mobile friendly dashboard, android/iphone applications.

Digital Design a website built on CI 1.4.1, jquery js/ajax library and some google api flavour. Still under construction. They plan to release the source when they are done.

Gravial - Community oriented content publishing platform. Under development.

Tracks - An add-on for Highrise CRM (37signals) that allows users to manage and forecast their sales pipeline. Currently in Alpha. Built and styled with JQuery Mobile for primary use on tablets and smart phones. Works on desktops too. CI version 2.1.0.

Portaimprese. Directory site for companies in and around Rome based on CodeIgniter 2.0.

Rate My Mechanic. Rate My Mechanic is a website based on helping people find mechanics they can trust based on user ratings and reviews.

Applied Coding Technologies. Applied Coding Technologies is a company that specializes in printing and coding machinery for industrial use.

BienTek is a computer repair business with a contractor job dispatch system written from the ground-up in CI 1.7.2.

Resipiscent. San Francisco experimental record label and the record label CMS that powers it, built on CodeIgniter 1.7.2. High-quality mountaneering equipment, ecommerce built on CodeIgniter 1.7.2.

Allegiance Law. San Francisco Bay Area personal injury and employment attoryneys, built on CodeIgniter 1.7.2. Website & Software development, Marketing and Twitter promotions

Pulsar Capital Limited. An International Proprietary Trading Firm.

News Online - PanturaNews. An online News website.

Party Ideas and Party Planning - at - CI,1.6.1

422 South - VFX House website based on CI 1.5

Wissam Joubran website - Wissam Joubran luthier web site. Front-end based on Code Igniter. Back-office : "Partikule CMS" based on Code Igniter.

Aleksandra Sheybal & Family - first version of private family website (it's still growing with features - if it's too small - please remove it from list ;-))

Thomas Welsh Builders, LLC Built using CI 1.5, has property management backend and more - 100% CI!

c7 mobile blog - Personal moblog, updated to Code Igniter over one evening. - web site for the band 'the clientele' (merge records). - band web site. tour dates, blog stuff and the rest of the site all done with CI.

Systematix Computer Training - UK commercial training website rewritten in CI 1.5.1

Jongbloed MultiMedia. Home of Dutch Freelance webdeveloper Auke Jongbloed. Front and back-end build in CI 1.5.2 using mootools for effects.

Club 3D . Graphics and Multimedia card company. Front and back-end build in CI 1.5.2 extended with Xajax library. French website of local classifieds.

RMCreative. Sam Dark's custom blog written from scratch with CI.

Scholl. Shoes and foot care company - polish version written from scratch with CI. Food Social Network.

BusinessTYC. A website to introduce cloud based applications in Ethiopia.

Backabuddy. Online fundraising - speedy solution to donating and raising money for charity!, .

OpenOpp - Specializing in Job Marketing and Perpetual Sourcing of top talent, our careers microsites can fully integrate with your existing corporate website, they are available instantly, and they enable millions of active, passive, and future job seekers to find your jobs first.

Faveone - A fun site to vote on this vs thats and learn more about your friends. - The site for wine enthusiasts and professionals.

Southside Sales and Rental - Manages the online inventory for the car dealership.

New York Job Board. Basic Job Board built on CI 2.0

Truth Bomb!- Online poll/survey system that protects the anonymity of poll designer as well as respondents.

DocSuggest. Online doctors appointment booking system in India.