Autoloading with Classmapper

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A tiny classmap autoloader for CodeIgniter.

Author: Jonathon Hill

Use Case

  • You want to load classes without having them attached to the $this super-object.
  • Your classes are interdependent, so that manual load calls have a high chances of being executed more than once.
  • You want a true autoloader in CodeIgniter.


Download from Github:

To install, copy the contents of this package into your CodeIgniter application directory and define a pre_system hook to call Classmapper::register():

$hook['pre_system'] = array(
    'class'    => 'Classmapper',
    'function' => 'register',
    'filename' => 'Classmapper.php',
    'filepath' => 'hooks',

Be sure to enable hooks in your main config.php file.


Once Classmapper is installed, you have to manually configure the config/classmap.php file for each of the classes that you want to be able to autoload:

$classmap = array(
    'Foolib'          => APPPATH . 'libraries/Foolib.php',
    'ThirdPartyClass' => APPPATH . 'third_party/package/Class.php',

You may now instantiate objects from the classes you defined without having to manually require or call $this->load, and the required file will be loaded automatically.

$foo = new Foolib();