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Developmental replacement for PHPMyAdmin built on the Code Igniter Framework.

Latest release: 0.3b4 (Feb 2nd, 2011, 11:11PM)

The days of PHPMyAdmin are numbered, and the count-down just reached 0. I appreciate what PHPMyAdmin has done for the community, but all good things must come to an end. With death, comes rebirth. CIMyAdmin is the new child. A cleaner, faster, better, stronger MySQL Administration tool. CIMyAdmin is built on the light-weight Code Igniter Framework. it is designed with simplicity, elegance, and power in mind. It isn't tied to stigmas of the past, and in looking to the future, supports the latest and greatest of technologies. For those of you running on legacy systems, you're limited to legacy software.

It's time for a breath of fresh air. It's time for CIMyAdmin!


  • Lightweight / small footprint
  • Clean interface
  • Skinnable (clean xhtml)
  • Fast, Free and open source!
  • Super easy to install

* Secure

Server Requirements:

  • PHP 5.0.2+
  • MySQL 4.1+

Client Requirements:

  • Firefox 2.0+
  • or Safari 2.0+
  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Note: because of the limited man power on this project, these requirements are simply what CIMyAdmin has been known to work on. It may very well run on older systems as well. Feel free to try it out and let us know!