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Captcha simple maths for HMVC 4.1.x

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You can use this module to prevent automated spams - especially if you do not want to generate images on your server. It is written in a way that makes it very easy to install in multiple apps.

This is a simple textual maths captcha that can be freely configured, and allows for multi-lingual operation. It reads and uses the language setting from the main applevel config.php file, included are an english and a (more advanced) hungarian message config file. You can create more language config files - if you do so, please include them here.



You first need to install the HMVC 4.1.x module. It is tested with CI 1.6.x (tested on latest 1.6.3 as well) and HMVC version 4.1.11 (and up) - should work with versions above this as well (I guess it's not up to me, though :) ) After you download the file, extract the kcs_captcha_module folder from the attached zip to your app/modules folder. You are good.


  1. Make sure that it is set in your app/config/config.php
    $config['language']    = "english"; //(or hungarian, or whatever else you made)

also make sure the session library is in the autoload.php config or you loaded it before calling these.

  1. In your view, (or controller, but make sure to pass the results to the view) that creates the page where you want the captcha to be printed call:
<?php echo modules::run('kcs_captcha_module') ?>

this saves the results in a session variable, and also returns the question (equation) in the chosen language. Also create a form, with an input text box, that post to an other (or the same, you decide) controller.

  1. In a controller where you want to check whether the user entered a valid value call
if ( modules::run('kcs_captcha_module', $this->input->post('form_element_for_results_given_by_user'), 'validate') ) {
  echo 'OK';
} else {
 echo 'NOT OK';

That's all :)

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