DMZ Extensions: How To Add Yours

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If you have developed an Category:DMZ_Extensions for DMZ, please add it to the extensions category. As long as you have a CodeIgniter login, you can easily have it show up below by following these steps.

1. Click the <b>Create A New Page</b> button on the upper-left.
2. Create a title for your page.  It <i>does not</i> need to start with DMZ:, and in fact that should be left for extensions that are included with DMZ.
3. Assuming you have added a unique page, you should get a message that says "This Article Does Not Exist Yet."
4. Click the <b>Edit This Page</b> button at the top of the new page.
5. Edit the article to include a description, links, images, or whatever you want.
6. At the end of the article, add this text: &#91;&#91;Category:DMZ Extensions]]
7. Save your article.  It should show up on the category page automatically.