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Datamapper ORM is an Extension to DataMapper and the successor of DMZ that enhances the core functions to provide more usability.

Datamapper ORM offers these features and more over the original DataMapper: - In-table foreign keys - Multiple Relationships to the Same Model - Better Self References - Add Fields from a Related Model into One Query - Update, View, and Query Extra Columns on Join Tables - The ability to generate and use subqueries - A shareable extension mechanism: Category:DMZ Extensions

Datamapper ORM has updated documentation based on the original DataMapper docs.

You can view those docs here:


You can discuss the current release of Datamapper ORM in the CodeIgniter forum's Datamapper ORM v1.8.0 thread.


DMZ was created by Phil DeJarnett (OverZealous Creations, LLC)

Datamapper ORM is now maintained by WanWizard (


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