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Many saw the developer Toolbar for framework Kohana (slizanny, in turn, with Symfony), which has recently spread to Habré.

I liked it - wish poimet this for themselves.

Problems There are some problems associated with lack of standard features Codeigniter'a - for example, had to expand the library and the Benchmark Log - so if you alter them for your project, you should be very careful when installing - do not overwrite your files and achieve a functional hand. Unfortunately, due to the fact that you can not modify the DB Library - did not get involved logit number series for the query to the database.

Actually, it was done purely for personal use. Yes, and I work with CI less than a week (the last year, increasing to C # for ASP.NET), so do not be angry if the Toolbar is glyuchit and swear.

If you have xdebug, Tabs «vars & config» will be displayed beautifully painted dump.

Download link

Installation :

    1. Copy the contents of 'application' folder to your application dir
2. Copy the icon images from the 'images' directory to your site's image directory

3. Enable Hooks (application/config/config.php)
4. Edit application/config/hooks.php add:
        $hook['display_override'] = array(
                            'class'    => 'DebugToolbar',
                            'function' => 'render',
                            'filename' => 'DebugToolbar.php',
                            'filepath' => 'hooks'
5. Configure your toolbar using application/config/debug_toolbar.php file