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Google Load

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Google AJAX Libraries library is a one line code for loading CDN hosted, compressed javascript libraries such as jquery and mootools! This means saved bandwidth for you and the possibility of a cached file on a visitor's browser.

[size=3]Usage[/size] Load the library as normal:


[size=3]Loading[/size] To load one library:


To load multiple libraries:


Google load also has a development environment where you can make the output code easier to read and a benchmark function. You can also turn compression of the libraries off.

List of libraries: jquery jqueryui prototype scriptaculous mootools dojo swfobject yui ext-core chrome-frame webfont

Google load makes loading javascript libraries super easy and in one line!

If you have any questions just ask! There is more documentation in on the files.

Download Carabiner in the Ignited Code thread or from the

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