HTML Table ext for DMZ

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(Now with _iterated support)

ATTENTION: this extension is third-party, so don't bother Phill with questions about it.

Features are:

  • well documented

  • label from $validation / custom label

  • mapping by $validation[‘field’][‘values’] / custom array mapping

  • custom callback-generated fields

  • autopagination with native CI paginator when _paged

  • table elements attributes assigned automaticaly

This extension works in the similar way as original HTML Form extension.

All it does is provide render_table() method that builds html code based on settings given by user. It can save some time for you and make table-generation part of the view more readable. Extension is shipped with two table templates: object_per_row and object_per_column.

Docs are included in Distrib.

Installation: To make HTML Table available, copy application folder’s content from distrib into your application folder.

WARNING! If you have your own MY_html_helper, be careful not to rewrite it with same file from this distrib, just append your own with it’s content.

MY_html_helper contains one single function wrap() that makes output of optional parts of page more convinient. It’s used in table templates.

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