Java Like Import

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This is a primitive java like import for CI.

**CAUTION **: It may produce unpredictable result If you have two class with the same name (even if you put it in a different file/package).

You must enable hooks first at yout config.php

$config['enable_hooks'] = TRUE;

Add a hooks configuration at hooks.php

$hook['pre_system'] = array(
                          'class'    => '',
                          'function' => 'fake',
                          'filename' => 'ClassLoader.php',
                          'filepath' => 'hooks'

Create ClassLoader.php under hooks directory

function fake(){
    // do nothing

function import($class, $package = 'package')
    $class = $package . "/" . $class;
    $class = str_replace(".", "/", $class);
    $path  = APPPATH . $class . EXT;    
        return true;
        return false;


Create a folder named 'package' under application directory. This directory is the home for your own class.

Example: We create a class BaseController on package/com/company/project/controller/BaseController.php

// extends CI Controller
class BaseController extends Controller {
    function BaseController(){


At your regular controller you can import base controller like this:


// you can import other class here

class Homepage extends BaseController{
    function Homepage(){
    function index(){
             echo "test";