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Kaimonokago 2.0

Please read this.

Kaimono Kago v1.1a Beta

This shopping cart is built on Codeigniter. We use BackendPro for the administration and Ajax file manager for file management.

Some Features

Email order notice to admin and cutomer Admin login, forgot password function Admin Event calendar Admin Page management jQuery Drop-down site menu Different types of slideshow Admin Product management Customerr News letter subscription Customer Login system Customer management Admin File management Admin Menu management Admin Order management Admin Ajax messages

How to install

If you are installing Kaimono Kago on your laptop/desktop, you need XAMPP, WAMP or PHP/Apache installed on your computer.

Download the latest version. Unzip it in your server. Transfer the folder in the htdocs, if you are using XAMPP or www if you are using WAMP. Download Files

Create a database called "kaimonokago" through PHPmyadmin.

You can find db in a sql folder. Import the sql zip file in PHPmyadmin.

Modify system/application/config/config.php and database.php to suit you.

config.php $config['base_url'] = "";

database.php $db['default']['hostname'] = "localhost"; $db['default']['username'] = "root"; $db['default']['password'] = ""; $db['default']['database'] = "kaimonokago";

Login at or http://localhost/kaimonokago/index.php/auth/login login email: admin@gmail.com password: admin

Strongly recommended to add password in Ajax filemanagement.

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Background and Credits

I learnt Codeigniter from a book "Professional Codeigniter" by Mr. Thomas Myer.

I started learning PHP at the beginning of 2009 and read a couple of good books about PHP and I had basic knowledge but not practical experience of PHP.

Professional Codeigniter was delightful to read. I have learnt a lot from the book. I highly recommend the book if you are a beginner and want to learn CI in practical ways.

Especially I enjoyed it in three ways.

  1. There are some bugs which could not make it for the final edition. But I am glad that it did not make it. Because fixing these taught me more than I expected. I used the book forum, CI forum and Stackoverflow to solve the problems.

  2. Reading a book which teachs you how to create one applicatoin, in this case is shopping cart, is the best way for me to learn PHP and CI.

  3. While I was reading the book, I wanted to change the application in my way. And this was again good learning for me.

I recommend the book and read through it to understand fully.

I obtained a permission from the author and I'd like to add my version of updated code here.

What are updated?

Fixed ALL the bugs in front-end and back-end. (hopefully)

As I stated it before the author's final code did not make the printed edition. So there are some mistakes and typos. So I corrected as much as possible. I don't say that it is complete, but nearly.

Added captcha to newsletter subscribe.

I wrote a small post here about it.

Added a contact page with captcha.

Updated to CI 1.7.2

It seems the original code was developed with 1.6 or so. I updated to 1.7.2.

Changed to jQuery

Original code had Prototype for javascript. I migraged to jQuery.

Added a nudge menu to the front-end

Once I added jQuery, there are many menus I could add. However I just chose David Walsh's nudge menu for the front sub-menu.

Random feature products images have a link to product page

There are random feature products on the right column. I added links to individual product pages.

Changed admin/products to show more details including category names

Products page shows more details

Search function does not pick up inactive products

Added table-sort function (jQuery) to all the backend pages

This enables to sort in both ways, including show rows (10, 20, 30, etc) as well. I used jQuery Data tables plugin for this.

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Here is how.

And more

I changed other small items which I don't remember.

Original code



Click here to take you to download v1.0 Download Page for v1.1


login name: admin
password: admin

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