Language Article Blueprint

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In order to maintain consistency you are encouraged to follow these instructions when creating or adding to a language article.


When linking to your files, you should provide a title for the link simply stating the version for which the translation has been done in the format "Version x.x.x" (without the quotes). After the link, you can optionally state the name of the translator in the format "translated by author" (without the quotes, and with your name instead of "author").

Now, you can either Special:Uploads, in which case you are going to use the following code

[|Version x.x.x] translated by author

Alternatively, if you've uploaded the file somewhere else, do like this

[Version x.x.x]( translated by author

The Article

Most of the time, what people will be looking for is CodeIgniter language packs and thus we should position those at the top.

Some nationalities might be in the fortunate situation of having the user guide translated into their language, so this should be the second set of links.

At the bottom of the article, the category should be placed. That way, other users can see the article when viewing the language contributions category.

When the article is done, it the markup should look somewhat like this

**CodeIgniter language packs**
[|Version x.x.x] translated by author
[|Version x.x.x] translated by author

**User Guide translations**
None available.