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Language Translation

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On this page:

  • User Guide translations

  • Core Language translations

On other pages:

[h2]User Guide translations[/h2]

(order by country name)

[strong]Chinese/strong HTML(Wiki) - [url][/url]

[strong]German/strong HTML - [url][/url]

[strong]Japanese/strong HTML - [url][/url]

[strong]Korean/strong HTML - [url][/url]

[strong]Russian/strong HTML - [url][/url]

[strong]Spanish/strongPDF & HTML - [url][/url]

[strong]Turkish/strong HTML - [url][/url]

[h2]Core Language translations[/h2]

The location of the language files are: /system/language

[h3]Live Language packs[/h2]

You can contribute to your own language. This way everybody can download the latest translations available.

[h4][2.x.x] Live contribution[/h4]

33 / 54 languages are 95% - 100% ready

[h4][1.x.x] Live contribution[/h4]

20 / 21 languages 95% - 100% ready

[h3]Version Language packs[/h3]

See also Category:Contributions::Languages for more language packs.

(order by version and country name)


[h4][1.7.0 - 1.7.1][/h4]

[h4][1.6.0 - 1.6.3][/h4]

[h4][1.5.1 - 1.5.4][/h4]




Category:Core::Language Files Category:Contributions::Languages

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