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Plurious Auth is an inexpensive, commercial drop-in authentication library for CodeIgniter. If your development efforts don't include the need to develop or redevelop an authentication capability from scratch for each application this library may meet your needs.


Original Forum Thread

The forum thread mentioned above discusses the established need for a supported authentication and authorization (ACL) set of capabilities within the CodeIgniter Framework. The official position from EllisLab is that the framework will not include such capabilities, hence there will not be such officially supported capabilities. The referenced discussion exposes a community held position that community supported A&A capabilities may not adequately support the needs of CI developers. As an alternative, Plurious developed a commercial product with the intent of providing commercial support to those who would rather drop-in a solution than develop one themselves.

The key question

Question: Why a commercial product?

or as it was asked in the forums...

      Why not just open up the code?

Answer: Forum Post


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Where To Get It

This library is no longer available

Full Disclosure

The requirements are somewhat restrictive since it requires a specific acceleration package running on your server to speed processing and interpret the encoded (obfuscated) library. This package, called PhpExpress, comes from a trusted industry source: NuSphere.