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TableEditor for CodeIgniger provides a convenient way to edit your tables in your database. You will provide in a declarative manner through a configuration file which of your tables (and its columns) shall be editable. TableEditor combines it with CodeIgniter's powerful form-validation class. Here is a given scenario: You have a table containing countries and you would like to make it editable. No need to write any further CRUD-operation with Controllers and Models. This small framework will handle that for you! You might even want to include it into your existing CMS.

Features: - Provides an easy way to edit your database-table - Define which table shall be editable - Define which column shall be editable - Define if it is possible to add or delete items - Order your items in the table by moving them up and down, or define according to which column the data should be sorted - Order your items in the table by moving them up and down - Use CI's form-validation - no need to relearn that - Define your own labels for column-names, language-depending if needed - Supports check for uniqueness of a given value before saving it into the table - Supports check before deleting an item from a table (delete restrict - constraint) - Generates search form for the fields you define as searchable - Hooking up of lookup-tables - Hooks: Provide custom behavour

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