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Because the CI Validation library is too restrictive by validating only $_POST values and it also want to do more than only validating, altering input and setting default input field values, i decided to create a validation library that is more intuitive.

More information about the library you can find in the zip file.

To do

  • more rules
  • extended input library for altering input and repopulating forms


0.7 : Put rules in helper file Added input handling bugfixes

0.6.2 : Added meaningful errors Removed email rule and clear_rules method Rules class variable gets cleared when the run method is called

0.6.1 : Added library variable rules and clear_rules method updated documentation

0.6 : Bug fixes Added when to validate, individual error method, date rule, string rule. Split up documentation

0.5.1 : Bug fixes and documentation change (thanks to Zarate)

0.5 : This is an alpha release but it gives other people a chance to give their input.