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Wick is a library for CodeIgniter. It provides a method for loading and rendering one controller from within another controller. Some call it HMVC, some yell witchcraft and hunt you down with a pitchfork. Either way, it's free and released under the LGPL.

Download latest version of Wick


Installation is easy as pie: Unzip the package and upload the Wick.php file to your application/libraries folder.

Note: If you are running multiple applications from the same CodeIgniter installation which all use the library you may wish to upload the file to the system/libraries folder instead.

Aaand you're done!


First of all you will have to load the library. You can either load it manually in your controller constructor or choose to auto-load it instead.

To initialize the class manually in your controller constructor, use the $this->load->library function:


Once loaded, the controller loader will be available using: $this->wick->light


The first (and only) parameter is the segments that lead to the controller and method you wish to call. Segments can be a string or an array.


This will call the requested controller and show any output it might give, before continuing execution of your current controller.