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This is a simple helper that extends the default form helper, and it adds a function to transform a simple form into an ajax one, it only needs the id of the form you want to upload, optionally you can give it a second paremeter, as if you dont specify this, it will send a POST request, you can change this to POST or GET. The third argument is an id of a div layer, if specified, the result of the request will go there, the fourth argument is a boolean value, if true it will make the div automatically, if false, it will assume you already have a form like that in your code, default is true.

Helper: http://pastebin.com/f72c7d780

Here is a simple example

* Ajax Test Controller
class Test extends Controller
    function index()
        if($_POST) print_r($_POST);
            echo form_open('test', array('id'=>'form'));
            echo form_input('title');
            echo form_submit(array('name'=>'Submit', 'id'=>'Submit', 'value'=>'Submit this'));
            echo form_close();
            echo form_ajax('form', 'POST', 'updateDiv', true);

/* End of test.php */
/* Location: ./system/application/controllers/test.php */