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CodeIgniter Website

This was the official informational website for the CodeIgniter project.

This repository is no longer in effect, replaced by the CodeIgniter4 version.

Programming Style

The website exhibits "good" programming style, although definitely not the only way to do things.

Some of the programming design decisions reflected:

  • The <code>public</code> folder is the intended document root for the webapp.
  • The architecture adheres more to the "model-view-adapter" convention, where the view is unaware of the source of data and the model is unaware of how any data might be presented. The controllers are go-betweens.
  • A "master template" lets each controller focus only with building its part of a webpage.
  • A base controller takes care of assembling finished pages, using the master template.
  • Using the template parser eliminates PHP code from the views, where possible.
  • Mock data for the recent news and most recently active threads, means that the website can be tested locally, without needing access to the live forum database.
  • View fragments are used to style single "records" on their own, improving cohesion.
  • An <code>.htaccess</code> file is incorporated, to configure Apache to remove index.php from any URLs.
  • Some of the formatting has gotten out of hand, so I am trying to conform to the CodeIgniter style guide as much as practical.


The site has a simple structure ... basically two-level (homepage and then content pages). There are a couple of additional pages, one for IRC for the visitors who do not have a suitable client, and one for related but subordinate information, accessible from the footer navbar.

Appropriate comments are found in each of the controllers.

Project Folders

/application the obvious
/public document root /assets CSS, javascript & media /data zipped files for downloading, avatars
/user_guide symbolic link to the current user guide
/userguide2 the user guide for CI2
/userguide3 the user guide for CI3


Please see the installation section of the CodeIgniter User Guide.


Please see the license agreement



The CodeIgniter Project would like to thank the Reactor Engineers, EllisLab, all the contributors to the CodeIgniter project, and you, the CodeIgniter user.

This repository is maintained by James Parry, Project Lead.

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