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Flutter qrcode reader
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QRCode Reader plugin for Flutter

A Flutter plugin for reading QR Codes with the camera.


import 'package:qrcode_reader/qrcode_reader.dart';
Future<String> futureString = new QRCodeReader()
               .setAutoFocusIntervalInMs(200) // default 5000
               .setForceAutoFocus(true) // default false
               .setTorchEnabled(true) // default false
               .setHandlePermissions(true) // default true
               .setExecuteAfterPermissionGranted(true) // default true
               .setFrontCamera(false) // default false

These options are Android only (with the exception of setFrontCamera(bool)), this is the simplest way of plugin usage:

Future<String> futureString = new QRCodeReader().scan();
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