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##Part of the upcoming Ghost in the Cell project, coming to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan in September 2015.

DNA is the carrier of our genetic information, it defines our biological bodies - we share DNA with all other living creatures on earth. It's what makes us unique, and at the same time connects us to all other living beings.

The mission of the hmDNA Project to create a fully synthetic genome for a virtual existing person. This is not a rational process. We don't expect the resulting genome to be a perfect match, but we expected the process of creating this genome to be a playful e

1. Source Data

Use publicly available japanese genome from the 1000 Genomes Project as a data source.

2. Functional Backbone

Search for coding and functional non-coding regions and copy them to the new hmGenome. This will ensure that the resulting genome could be potentially functioning, it will make sure that there is enough free space that can be occupied by other data.

3. hmDNAgents

Create hmDNAgents that copy different types of data into the hmGenome. hmDNAgents come in different flavours:

  • Transcribers: specific rules to copy DNA data from existing sequence data.
  • Translators: use gene annotation and gene ontology terms to define and insert sequences.
  • Transcoders: convert and insert any type of source media - images, text, sound, etc.

4. API

The hmDNAgents can be accessed through an RESTful API, which allows the creation of client apps, applications web-interfaces or devices.

5. Participation

Over the next weeks on months we will create a range of backend hmDNAgents and frontend interfaces to facilitate the generation of the hmGenome.


Any questions? Send them to @bcl_io #hmDNA


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