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bcl committed Dec 22, 2018
1 parent 3dadd93 commit 7f3ea063c00c51aee9d6843000c56d879715beee
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  1. +2 −8 layouts/partials/widgets/search.html
@@ -1,9 +1,3 @@
<div class="widget-search widget">
<form class="widget-search__form" role="search" method="get" action="">
<input class="widget-search__field" type="search" placeholder="{{ T "search_placeholder" }}" value="" name="q" aria-label="{{ T "search_placeholder" }}">
<input class="widget-search__submit" type="submit" value="Search">
<input type="hidden" name="sitesearch" value="{{ .Site.BaseURL }}" />
<iframe class="widget-search__input" src="{{ .Site.BaseURL }}&prefill=Search DuckDuckGo" style="margin:0;padding:0;" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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