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Copyright 2002 Brian C. Lane

This is a simple perl script to create a photoalbum of a directory of
pictures suitable for posting to a webpage or burning onto a cdrom.

It requires perl, Image Magick, File::copy, File::Basename, POSIX and
Getopt::Std perl modules.

Install the PhotoAlbum.pl script into /usr/local/bin
The buttons used for the Album (contained in the buttons directory) should be
placed into the directory pointedto by the $button_path variable.
By default it is set to /usr/local/share/PhotoAlbum/buttons/

You can change a few of the options at runtime using these switches:

-c turns off captions
-f turn off filename
-s turn off file size
-g turn off geometry
-i "string" Title for Index Pages
-p "string" Title for Individual Pages

By default PhotoAlbum will prompt you for a caption for each picture,
displaying the picture as you enter the text. It will include the filename,
size of the image and image geometry unless the switch is passed on the
command line.

You can set the title of the indexes and the titles of the individual pages
using the -i and -p arguments.

To create an album, change to a directory full of images, with no
sub-directories or extra files. It needs to be plain images, preferrably
.jpg but it should work fine with other types.

Run PhotoAlbum while in the cirectory and it will report as it creates the
thumbnail images in the thumbnail directory. It will then start displaying
the images (using Image Magick's display program) and prompt you to enter a
caption for each of the images.

When finished you can point your web browser at the index.html page to view
the images.

If you have any comments or suggestions please email me at bcl@brianlane.com

Brian Lane