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AR-15 Serial # application for PalmOS Devices
Copyright 2001 by Brian C. Lane <>

This is a simple PalmOS application that contains all of the information that
I could find on the serial number ranges for various AR-15 manufacturers
indicating whether or not the rifle is a 'pre-ban' rifle or not.

Select the manufacturer from the popup menu and all of the information that I
have found for that manufacturer will be displayed in the main screen, if it
is too large to fit on one screen the scroll bar will be enabled, use it or
the up/down buttons to scroll the information.

Most of this info was taken from the serial number FAQ in 1999. As of
this writing (04/2001) I cannot find the serial number FAQ on the
website. I have added recent data from Olympic Arms on their serial number
ranges which they released after their June 7, 2000 fire.

This program should work on all PalmOS devices, if you have problems with it
please email me the details fo the device you are using and the problem(s)

The information contained in this program is for information al purposes only
it should not be considered the final word on anything and you should contact
the rifle's manufacturer for a definitive answer. This information is meant
only as a guide and has not been authorized or certified by any manufacturer.

Included is the gnu 'c' source used to write this program. It is released under
the GNU Public License v2.0 and is free to use and modify and learn from. If
you appreciate my efforts you can send any amount of $ to my PayPal account
at, email:, last name is lane.

If you are a fan of the US Constitution you might also be interested in
visiting one of my other websites - - a Liberty and Privacy

Thanks for using my AR15 Serial Number program,

Brian Lane


The 'Assault Weapons' ban expired last September and it looks like it won't
be renewed, at least on a federal level, anytime soon.

Also, on March 28, 2003 my good friend and inspiration for this program,
Mike Jackson, died suddenly from a heart attack. He's the guy who got me
into AR-15's and was the sounding board for many of my project ideas.

I hope that this program was of some use to people, I know that Mike and I
sure got some good use out of it at the Puyallup gunshows.

Brian Lane
The Basement